R20 Series342

Control and Load Switch Type R20

The switches R20 have special characteristics that make them very different from the normal switches on the market.

Listed below are some of the many advantages they provide.


  • Self-Cleaning Blade Wiping Action Contacts System, suitable for being used also in highly aggressive environments.
  • Shocks and Vibrations Proof, due to the contacts design.
  • IP20 Finger Proof terminals in According to standard IEC 60529.
  • High Mechanical strength, main shaft , frame and plate made in steel.
  • High Resistance Electrolytic treatment of the ferrous components suitable for Tropical Applications.
  • Easy access to the Screws of Each terminals even when the Switch is Wired , for the maintenance operations.

Model : R101

R20 Control & Load Switch

It can have from 2 to 8 positions fixed or with automatic return.
It may be supplied with frontplate size 48X48mm (Q4) or 64X64mm (Q7)
Standard Type or Padlockable.

Handles & Frontplates

Model : R102

R20 Key Operated Switch

Key Operated rotary switch.
Available with keys equal to each other and up to 200
different combinations.

Handles & Frontplates

Model : R103

R20 Key Lock Switch

Key Lock rotary switch.
Available with keys, that can be both equals or different one from the other (up to 500 different numbers).
MASTER KEY System is also available.

Handles & Frontplates

Model : R126

R20 with Mechanical Trip Indicator

The Mechanical trip Indicator shows the indication of the last given command.

Handles & Frontplates

Model : R110

R20 with Removable Handle

Switch with removable handle is mainly used for Safety controls. Handles & Frontplates

Model : R141

R20 Base Mounting Switch

Switch suitable for fitting at the bottom of the panel.
Access to screw from the front of the switch.

Handles & Frontplates

Models : R104-R107

R20 PUSH or PULL Operate Switch

This Switch is mainly used to avoid involuntary operations.
It can be handled only by PUSHING (R104) or PULLING (R107) the knob of the switch.

Handles & Frontplates

Model : SR109

R20 with Electromagnetic Interlocking Device (SOLENOID LOCK)

Switch with electromagnetic interlocking device.
Allows manoeuvre after electric consent.
The switch is unblocked by exciting the circuit.


  • 24Vdc -110Vdc – 220Vdc
  • Other Voltages on request.

Model : BR001

R20 Circuit Breaker Control Switch (CBCS)

Designed for the Circuit Breaker Control.
It consists of two main groups of contacts and a dragging joint.
The group dragged contacts is used as an alarm or indication.


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