FRMC 2000 Series383

FRMC 2000 Mini Miniature

These are used where the currents and voltages are low.
They are particularly suitable for assembly in mosaic panels with tiles measuring 24 x 24 mm.

Main Applications

  • Chemical and Petrolchemical Plants (Control Room).
  • Power Plants (Control Room).
  • Electrical Substations.
  • Traction Substations.


  • Self-Cleaning Blade Wiping Action Contacts System, suitable for being used also in highly aggressive environments.
  • Suitable to be Mounted in Various Mimic Tile Systems.
  • Gilded Contscts.
  • Soldering Terminals.
  • Wide Range of Electrical Diagrams, Standard and Specials under Request.
  • IP20 Finger Proof terminals in According to standard IEC 60529 , thanks to the transparent cover.

Models: C201 & C203

FRMC 2000 Mosaic Switch

C201: Stay-put Positions.
C203: Spring Return.

Can have from 2 to 8 positions with notching mechanism from 45° to 90°, it is designed to be fitted on mosaic panels with tiles of 24x24mm.
The fitting is made from the front of the panel using a threaded ring nut and up to 8 contact packets can be assembled.

Thanks to the pin cover an effective protection against accidental contancts is provided (IP20 finger-proof) in conformity with the standard IEC EN 60529.

Models: C202 & C204

FRMC 2000 Key Operated Switch

C202: Stay-put Positions.
C204: Spring Return.

Mini Miniature key-operated Switch for mosaic panels.
Particularly suitable for preventing activation by non authorized staff.

Up to 8 packets of contacts can be assembled.
Equipped with RONIS MICRO lock available with all the same numbering, with all different numbering or with numbering differentiated group by group.