The digital multifunction meters of the EMM series allow the measure of the main electrical parameters of the electrical energy distribution networks. The local visualisation of more than 30 measured parameters is made with the usage of 4 red LED displays, in order to guarantee a reading clear and simultaneous of different measures. Intuitive selection of measures, that have to be visualised with a LED signal, completes a very simple frontal panel, but also supplies a lot of information.


The EMMs have measuring inputs for three currents andthree voltages in order to be adapted for their use in one-phase networks, on three-phase networks in devices with 4 and 3 wires without neutral or neutral not distributed. The instrumentsare fully auto-range with the measuring unit indication by corresponding indicative LED.


Measures are carried out in a real effective value of voltage. Current, frequency, temperature and all the other calculated parameters are visualised on 3 digit displays. On displays it’s possible to read at the same time every single phase of selected parameter’s value.


Use of digital EMM multimeters is suggested in all those applications that foresee local visualisation of electrical parameters. Therefore typical applications will be those of the energy distribution boards, either in the industrial fields or either for machines,motors, generators and so on. Immediate and simple reading in clear displays of 7 segment LED, dot-form LED for the identification of visualised parameter andonly three button of intuitive functionality, do not exclude that this device could be used in most simple applications.