The CRC rogowski sensor is an alternating current measurement device. Unlike current sensors with ferromagnetic core, the linearity of the Rogowski sensor makes it specifically indicated to measure high currents. Thanks to a wide measurement range, CRC current sensors cover a wide current range.

The CRC measures the load currents of an electrical system and send the data to meters.

The CRC flexible current sensors can be connected to EMS-96 and EMA-90N.The CRC flexible sensor range is specially designed for existing installations restricted by strict integration constraints or with high-intensity currents. The lack of a ferromagnetic core makes the Rogowski sensor linear even with high currents.



  • The conductor should not be near the opening/closing mechanism to avoid compromising measurement accuracy.
  • The coil should not pinch the conductor to avoid compromising measurement accuracy.
  • The coil-phase correspondence must be correct.


  • Connect CRC sensors to the meters.
  • Press the opening/closing mechanism pressure points and open the coil.
  • Place the coil around the conductor making sure the opening/closing mechanism arrow matches the current direction.
  • Close the coil.


Code Coil length (mm) External coil diameter (mm) Maximum conductor diameter (mm)
CRC250100AC052M 250 92 68
CRC300100AC052M 300 108 84
CRC400100AC052M 400 139 115
CRC500100AC052M 500 171 147
CRC600100AC052M 600 203 179
CRC700100AC052M 700 235 211
CRC800100AC052M 800 267 243
CRC900100AC052M 900 299 275
CRC1000100AC052M 1000 330 306
CRC1100100AC052M 1100 362 338
CRC1200100AC052M 1200 394 370

Technical Characteristics

Electrical features
Primary current 20÷4000A
Output signal 100 mV/kA @50 Hz
Operating frequency From 45 to 65 Hz
Accuracy ±0,5%
Linearity ±0.2%
Position sensitivity ±2% (primary conductor near the opening/closing mechanism)
External field influence max ±0,5%
Temperature drift ±0.07% per °C
Internal resistance 30 Ω/400 mm
Coil and connection cable Thermoplastic rubber, self-extinguishing degree V-0 (UL 94)
Opening/closing mechanism PA6, self-extinguishing V-0 (UL 94)
Coil colour Orange / Blue / Black / Red
Protection degree IP52
Connection cable
Type 1000V (UL style 20940)
External diameter 5 mm
Cables 2, section 0.1288 mm2 (26 AWG)
Length 2 m (customizable upon request)
Category Cat. III 1000 V @50/60 Hz
Cat. IV 600 V @ 50/60 Hz
Dielectric strength
Insulation voltage 7.4 kVAC for 1 minute
Insulation type Double electrical insulation
Ambient conditions
Operating temperature -20…+70 °C
Storage temperature -20…+70 °C
Relative humidity 10…95%
Maximum altitude 2000m
Pollution degree 2
Reference standards 2014/35/EU (Low Voltage) EN61010-1