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MIMIC Components

Mimic Components was started in 1971 as a manufacturer of Electronic and Mimic displays. Over the years the company built up expertise in other areas, including Control Desks, Software and Display Electronics. As a result of our constant growth and success, and the many overseas contracts we have undertaken, it became necessary to split the company into two divisions i.e., Mimic Components and Mimics, Desks & Consoles. This guarantees our patrons dedicated and personalised service in whichever department they chose to deal with.

Over the years Mimic Components has seen a growing demand for specialised Control Components. The Company is now able to accommodate clients with specific requirements in the area of Operator Interface (informing and warning).

We are the leaders in led pilot lights and filament lamp replacements. Besides the wide range good quality electrical and electronic components we supply, we also manufacture a large range of big digit displays, alarm displays and alarm annunciators.